Why material layering and ink off

We receive an enquiry from Japan today, there are very serious quality problem happened of the membrane switch they get from their previous supplier. Picture as below:

membrane-switch          membrane-switch

It is obvious that the defects is the material layering and ink off.

We are regret to hear that, they didn’t choose the good partner supplier, but just looking for lower price.

What caused this problem? They didn’t take into account of the usage of environment during early experiments, take some related environmental testing neither.

If our Menhow make this products,we have a rigorous sample production process and will inform customers whether they need consider the usage of environments.

What’s more, we are fully capable of environmental testing,such as temperature and humidity cycle,high and low temperature experiments,salt spray test etc. besides,limited life will be tested to meet customer’s requirements maximum.

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Suzhou Menhow Electronic Co., Ltd is specialized in designing and producing Membrane Switch, Nameplate, Flexible printed Circuit, Silicone Rubber keypads, other Silicone rubber products, The company has a 100,000-class printing workshop as well as a team of ten years experiences dealing with membrane switch design and production.we have already coopration with a lot of domestic and foreign well-known electronical enterprises, such as PHILIPS; OMRON ; EMERSON; SIEMENS; PANASIONIC; FLEXTRONICS; SAM- SUNG; MIDEA; YAMAHA.

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1.1, the clean aluminum foil into the oven at 100 ℃ oven bake 1 hour; 1.2, the aluminum foil into the dryer, the cooling at room temperature to the aluminum foil weight stability;

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On January 14, 2019, OMNI 2019-2020 annual supplier conference was held in Shangri La Hotel, Suzhou. As the best supplier of the year, Suzhou Menhow Electronic Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the conference.