Acrylic (PMMA) panels

Acrylic sheet through the screen printing, after baking, covered with protective film, and then through the precision CNC carving shape, to achieve accurate size. Product design exquisite, bright color, size, accurate, with high-quality 3M double-sided adhesive, and a variety of materials to facilitate the shell bonding, easy to operate.

Products are introduced as follows:acrylic-panels


For products: a large display device, the visual area is not easy to collapse. Small devices show a more beautiful atmosphere.

Advantages and disadvantages: the advantage is easy to manufacture process is simple, do not open die stamping, scratch-resistant surface products, widely used. Drawback is brittle, impatient impact.

Applications: Widely used in instrumentation, banking systems, mobile phones, small appliances. Such as electricity, password card, soya-bean milk maker, mobile phone LENS, advertising light boxes signs.

Market guidance: I have a special Secretary of the engraving machine, as well as screen printing, a strong advantage, you can develop the instrument category of products. Some do not have to print, direct plate carving out of the finished product.

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